Life can be messy, hectic, and overall crazy. Getting through a workday, much less the work week, can be all you can do at times, it seems. We get it - sometimes you just need a break and to get away. Whether you’re heading off to escape for the weekend to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad or taking a well-deserved vacation, make sure you’re doing it in comfort and style. If you’re looking for a ride that has all the creature comforts you could possibly need and comes equipped with enough power and reliability to give you peace of mind while driving, then welcome to the Chevrolet SUV lineup. No matter your journey, you’ll find that each Chevy SUV and crossover has just what you need to get you where you need to go. At Ron Marhofer Chevrolet, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite things about each Chevy SUV that will make any adventure, one you won’t soon forget.


Room to Breathe



First things first, we know the main concern when it comes to family vacations is making sure that everyone has room to spread out. If not, it quickly becomes a battleground of knocking elbows, being in each others’ space, and who is touching who. Reigning supreme, the Chevy Suburban offers the most room, from the available 9-passenger seating to the max storage space of over 140 cubic feet. Following closely, the Tahoe comfortably seats eight and has a max cargo space of 122.9 cubic feet! With either of these Chevy SUVs, families can relax and recline for the long trip ahead without feeling like the person next to them is taking over their space.


Never Get Lost



Getting lost while on the road is something we can relate to all too well. The frustration and panic of not knowing where you are, taking that wrong turn, or missing the exit can quickly put a bad taste in your mouth. Make getting lost a thing of the past with the Chevrolet Infotainment center found within each 2021 Chevy SUV. For instance, within the Traverse’s top-rated infotainment system, you will find the available 8-inch touchscreen display featuring a responsive and intuitive navigation program. With available satellite radio and 10-speaker Bose audio system, you will never miss a thing!


Say Goodbye to Boredom


Whether you’re running errands, getting out of town for the weekend, or taking a much-needed vacation, make sure your passengers are comfortable and entertained, instead of wondering if they’ve arrived at the destination yet and watching the seconds tick by. Featured in the Chevy Tahoe and the Suburban is the groundbreaking Rear Seat Media System for second-row passengers. With dual 12.9-inch screens located behind the driver and front passenger seating, passengers can watch their favorite shows, charge their devices with the available USB and HDMI plug-ins, and wirelessly connect with accompanying headphones.


Towing the Essentials


For all of your towing needs, whether you’re tugging along an RV or trailer, or a boat or ATV, Chevrolet has got you covered. When you’re ready to hit the water, the Chevrolet Trailblazer or the Trax is ready to haul your jet ski or small boat! For bulkier items, such as hauling a light travel trailer, we recommend the stylish Chevy Equinox or the athletic Blazer. With the 2021 Chevy Traverse, this SUV has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, giving it more than enough power to haul a small camper! Equipped with the Tow/Haul Mode, the Traverse is able to provide better traction and control. Finally, if you’re a professional traveler or an adventurous family, you’re going to need a beast of an SUV to haul your RV. When equipped properly, the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Suburban can each tow over 8,000 pounds! This power makes pulling along your watercraft, RV, or snowmobile a cinch for the Tahoe and the Suburban!



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At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. You could be running errands, heading to the beach for the weekend, or escaping into the mountains for a few weeks. What matters is how you get there and having an SUV you can depend on. From the Chevy Trax to the mighty Suburban, you’ll find comfort and power ahead of its class. Give us a call, explore our extensive inventory online, or stop by Ron Marhofer Chevrolet today and see all that the Chevrolet SUV lineup has to offer.