Chevrolet Leasing vs. Buying

Marhofer Chevrolet Explains Leasing VS. Buying a Vehicle in Stow, OH.

Are you currently in the middle of deciding whether to lease or buy your next vehicle? Then let the team at Marhofer Chevrolet help you! Our dealership has countless years of experience assisting local drivers from Stow, Ohio, and surrounding areas with their automotive needs. That includes financing! With the support of our qualified financiers, you can determine which option-leasing or buying-is better suited for your personal budget. For your convenience, we've compiled a brief explanation of each down below so you can learn more before you visit us in person.

The Benefit of Leasing a Car

Not sure what model you'd like to own? Like to keep your driving experience fresh? Then you should consider leasing a vehicle! A lease is comparable to borrowing because the dealer retains ownership over the car in question. The advantage of this trade-off is a more affordable payment every month! Sometimes, down payments are also much lower or completely exempt. That means you'll benefit from greater savings right from the get-go! Of course, you'll be obligated to meet a number of requirements, but a lease agreement lasts for a few years at most. In other words, once your contract ends, you are free to either pay off the remaining cost so you can own the model presently in your possession or you can always sign up to lease a different, newer one instead.

The Benefit of Buying a Car

Prefer to stick with one model that you can call your own? Then you should consider buying a vehicle instead. Unlike a lease, you are claiming sole ownership when you opt to buy a car. Though you'll have to provide a down payment up-front and pay higher increments each month, you won't be constrained to how you use it-unlike a leased one. For instance, you can drive it however much you please without worrying about going over a specified mileage count. In fact, you can even modify it to your liking with accessories and other upgrades, giving you the freedom to match your model to your personal style. Once the final payment is processed, you won't have to give it back either because the model you purchase is yours to keep!

Get Help with Your Auto Lease or Purchase at Marhofer Chevrolet in Stow, OH.

As you can see, there are advantages to both leasing and buying a car, so you simply have to pick which route is better for you! Should you need more guidance, you can always call Marhofer Chevrolet at (844) 897-3962. Whatever you decide, you can turn to our staff to help you every step of the way. So when you are ready to settle on a decision, we will be waiting for your arrival at 3423 Darrow Rd. in Stow, Ohio.


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